Budget Make Up | What works for cheaper?

Recently I’ve been getting into make up. I started wearing very basic make up when I was around 14-15. This included just mascara and pencil eyeliner (which looked vile by the way). I then upgraded to winged eyeliner – this was also a complete mess, but at the time I thought it was great.

I used to think that you had to buy expensive make up to make your face look nice and to learn proper techniques in make up. However, I found that this is not the case. You don’t have to spend masses on make up products when you can get the same thing (with possible better quality) for much cheaper. So, here’s my guide to budget make up and items I recommend.

Collection Make-Up (Cruelty Free)

  • The Bronzer is something that I use everyday. It can be used for contouring those lovely cheek bones of yours, or to just add abit of colour to a pale complexion (like mine!). It’s just £2.99 and you can buy it from Superdrug.
  • The felt tip eyeliner; amazing amazing amazing. I used to buy eyeliners for almost ten pounds, and this one is perfect. It doesn’t smudge on your eyelid, it stays on all day and never fades. It is amazing. For £2.99, you could buy lots at the same time to save you from stocking up when you run out of your first one! This is also from Superdrug.

Make Up Revolution London (Cruelty Free)

  • Flawless Eyeshadow Palette; all of the colours show up really well on your eyes and they are amazing. I have owned this for a couple of months and the colours are both matte and shimmer which contrast amazingly against eachother. It doesn’t smudge and it actually stays on your eyes all day without fading. It includes 32 colours and it’s just £8.00 and you can buy it from Superdrug or other beauty retailers.
  • Beyond Flawless Eyeshadow Palette; it has 32 colours just like Flawless, and is just as amazing. However, this palette has more ‘autumn’ type shades that are really warm and look amazing blended. Again, the colours are matte and shimmer. This is also £8.00 and can be bought at Superdrug or other retailers.
  • Both palettes are also not too big and can fit into your hand bag easily!

Freedom Make Up London (Cruelty Free

  • The Freedom Pro Highlight Ambient is an amazing highlight that actually shows. Just because it’s cheap, it doesn’t mean it’s not as shimmery as your average expensive brand of highlighter. It compliments your contour and it’s only £3.00 from Superdrug.

EcoTools Make Up Tools (Cruelty Free & Environmental)

  • I have used this set of EcoTools ever since I got into eyeshadow. The brushes are soft and not too big to fit into your make up bag, or even a small weekend bag for a weekend away. These brushes come in a set of two and they are double ended as you get 4 brushes altogether. One is a Shade & Define, and the other is Blend & Smudge. They are £6.99 for the set – you may think this is pricey for 2 brushes, but it is worth it and it is under £10.00 for 4 brushes put together! They can also be bought from Superdrug.

Urban Decay (Cruelty Free)

  • Eyeshadow Primer Potion (travel size) comes in a small compact box and is easy to apply. With a small application to the eyelid and a rub in with your finger, it allows your eyes to breathe easy all day without your eyeshadow leaving your eyes feeling crowded. It also stops the smudging of eyeshadow, and the crease that appears after wearing your eyeshadow for a while (we’ve all had it ladies, where you know it’s there and you don’t wanna look down because you don’t want anyone else to see!). I have been using this for almost 2 months, and I have sooo much left despite it being travel sized. It’s just £8.00 from Debenhams and it is worth it even though it’s tiny.
  • All-Night Make Up Setting Spray (travel size) comes in a bottle and dries within seconds after spraying onto your face. It actually works. It’s oil free so it doesn’t contribute to your already oily skin if you have it! It helps on those hot days where you feel like your make up is melting off; my definition when I first tried it was “my face feels so safe!”. The travel size bottle is £9.00 and it lasts so long. It’s amazing! You can buy it from Urban Decay.

So that was my budget make up review and I hope you enjoyed reading. If you have any other suggestions, please don’t be afraid to comment below! Help a gal out.

Lots of love,







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