Meet the Blogger | 20 Facts About Me

So after a couple of blog posts, I’ve decided to introduce myself by giving you 20 facts about myself. This should be interesting. You’ll either find me as boring as hell or completely awesome. Let’s begin!

  1. My birthday is 23rd May (1998).
  2. I have a freckle on my thumb. When I was little, I used to try and lick it off because I thought it was chocolate (oops!).
  3. I once had to go to A&E because I put my foot on a nail and it went straight through. Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt!
  4. My favourite TV show is Friends.
  5. My favourite topic in History is the Vietnam War.
  6. My favourite actress is Winona Ryder.
  7. Leigh Francis (Keith Lemon) follows me on Twitter.
  8. I went through an emo face when I was younger (ew).
  9. Kinda grim, but when I was 5, I almost drowned.
  10. I have a cat called Maisy and she’s 15.
  11. My favourite band is Paramore. It has been since I was 10 and I’ve seen them 3 times.
  12. I have 1 sibling; a younger sister.
  13. My favourite coffee shop is TSP in Stoke-on-Trent. They make the most amazing brownies and cakes, and they even made my 18th birthday cake. It had lilac frosting with rainbow sponge and peanut butter filling.
  14. If I could live in any era, it would probably be the 80s/90s.
  15. One of my dreams is to visit America, especially Florida. I would really love to visit Disney World and Universal Studios at Halloween and experience Halloween Horror nights.
  16. When I was 6, I went to Lapland in Finland to meet Santa (he is real, guys). I also saw the Northern Lights.
  17. My favourite season is Autumn, favourite month is October, and favourite holiday is Halloween.
  18.  My favourite shop is WeAreCow.
  19. My favourite colours are blues, greens and purples. Basically, anything that is remotely related to mermaids.
  20. I work with children with learning disabilities and I love my job

So that was my very boring list of facts about me. Don’t forget to check out my previous posts. Please suggest other posts you would like to read from me and make sure to follow for more!

Lots of love,



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