My Favourite Songs Right Now | Recommendations

So I like music. A lot. Despite my iPod screen being smashed for the last 2 years, I still carry it around with me every single day. There isn’t a day when I don’t listen to music. The panic of 20% battery on my iPod is just unbelievable; it’s my baby. Honestly.

So here’s some songs that I love right now. Not all of them will be current songs, but they are amazing. Click the song for a link!

  1. Proof – PARAMORE – Just overall awesome. Catchy. Reminds me of my boyfriend. How can you say no to Hayley Williams?
  2. Enjoy the Silence – DEPECHE MODE – Amazing 80s classic. Reminds of my first ever night out and my friend, Beth. It’s just a complete tune.
  3. What Went Down – FOALS – Discovered this on Spotify and have loved it ever since. Cannot wait to see these at Leeds and experience it live.
  4. Heathens – TWENTY ONE PILOTS – I have loved TOP for a while now, and their single for the Suicide Squad soundtrack is fab. You need to experience it.
  5. Where Are You Now? – ROYAL BLOOD – I’ve always loved Royal Bloods rock vibe and this song is perfect (along with the fact it might make you feel a lil bit of a badass).
  6. Beautiful Thing – THE STONE ROSES – This is their 2nd new single of their Third Coming and I love it so much. I’m kinda sad they didn’t play it live at the Etihad, but it’s still a great tune to listen to.
  7. Make Some Noise – BEASTIE BOYS – I’ve recently got into the Beastie Boys, and they are so cool and just awesome. This song is a tune.
  8. Renegades of Funk – RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE – I love some of RATM’s songs, but this one is a new one of my list of songs I like from them. They always have a cool beat and a hip-hop vibe too. This is another tune by them.
  9. I Am A Nightmare – BRAND NEW – Their new single is just a reminder that they will be gone by 2018 and that makes me sad. And also makes me pressed for time to see them in (if anyone wants to volunteer to come with me, you’re more than welcome). Even Radio 1 played this and I was extremely happy. Brand New are life.
  10. Holy – PVRIS – I only like a couple of Pvris’ songs, but this one is just slow and powerful at the same time. I don’t know what it is about it, but it’s just such a chill song that needs to be heard.

Here’s 10 of my favourite songs right now. If you wanna see more of these or similar posts, comment or like this post. Also comment if I’ve got you into some of these songs!

Lots of love,






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