Netflix Top 10: My favourites

I currently don’t have a Netflix account. However, I do have my own Netflix profile thanks to my lovely boyfriend for being so kind and letting me use his (relationship benefits!). I watch quite afew things on Netflix including movies, TV shows, Netflix exclusives, etc. so I wanted to make a post of my favourites and see what your favourites are, and perhaps if you watch the same shows as me!

Netflix can be addictive. I’m sure we’ve all stayed up until 3am (or even later) because we can’t resist that next episode, and after a while it becomes clear that you have actually finished your series and you want to scream because you have to wait until next year for the new series (Orange is the New Black feels).

So here’s my top 10 on Netflix.

  1. ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK – Full of amazing female characters, gripping story lines, a range of races, cultures and ethnicity and promotes LGBT+ communities. This show is AMAZING. Something that I like about it is that it focuses on each character you see. You get to see their story, early life, and shows their personalities perfectly in each snippet. If you haven’t watched this (I’m expecting you have), then you NEED to.
  2. BREAKING BAD – Known for it’s specialty blue Heisenberg meth made by a science teacher, Walter White, and his ex student, Jesse Pinkman, in order to pay his medical bills as he suffers with lung cancer, this TV show is awesome. It has thrills, gripping characters and scenarios, and the ending is INSANE. You have to watch this and decide which characters you like most for yourself (mine is Jesse).
  3. FARGO (TV SERIES) – When I first watched this, I wasn’t too sure I liked it. Netflix have now released a series 2 which I need to watch! The story line is so strange, but I think Martin Freeman acting as the main character is the only reason why I kept going. If you like scheming characters and people who get away with anything they want, this is for you.
  4. JESSICA JONES – A Marvel TV show with the prettiest main character playing Jessica Jones, it is intriguing to watch. And not to mention David Tennant aswell. I’ve always loved him from his Tenth Doctor days. You will want to see more from this. Superhuman strength, mind games and amazing investigating skills. Jessica is just a strong female character who can relate to those who have been under abusive circumstances and survived. She is amazing!
  5. LEGALLY BLONDE – Honestly, Tumblr inspired me to watch this. After seeing multiple gifs of Elle Woods and her making amazing comebacks at her ex about how she got into Harvard, I thought yeah, I’ll watch it. I’m not one for chick-flicks, but Elle Woods is inspiration. Who says a fashionable blonde who you would only think of as a Malibu Barbie can’t become one of the best lawyers? NOBODY. This film is inspirational.
  6. MAKING A MURDERER – Oh. My. God. This TV show. A Netflix Original, it follows a man who has been accused of rape and murder and views his side of the story along with his supporters and the evidence against the crime. It is fascinating how police can change things and make things seem real when actually, it is fake and planted to make it look suspicious. Personally, I’m on Steven Avery’s side. Please watch this!!!
  7. CLUELESS – This film is cute, and again, a chick-flick I never thought I’d watch. Tumblr inspired me to watch this (again). “Ugh, as if!”. But hey, it was actually okay! I think my main reason for continuing to watch it was Paul Rudd. Honestly.
  8. MR. MAGORIUMS WONDER EMPORIUM – With one of the best movie soundtracks I have ever heard, this film is not just for kids. I have watched it billions of times and I love it every single time. It’s magical, inspiring, ageless and just completely amazing. One of the most beautiful and heartfelt films on Netflix.
  9. JONESTOWN: PARADISE LOST – This documentary is great for anyone who likes the weird and very strange. It is based on the Jonestown Massacre, where Jim Jones convinced his entire religious cult to drink Kool-Aid that was infused with poison, including children and babies. It follows survivors, ex members of the cult, and footage before the end. It is definitely worth a watch and you can even find the tape recording of the deaths of the people somewhere on the internet (however it is emotionally distressing and is not recommended for people who may be triggered).
  10. SAVING MR. BANKS – Based on the making of the Disney film, Mary Poppins, it follows the writer, P. L. Travers and Walt Disney coming to an agreement about the film in production. It also follows P. L. Travers life and relations from her early childhood to the story of Mary Poppins. It truly shows how amazing Walt Disney was in his life and how much he loved to create things and make dreams come true. It is also emotional and can touch your heart. It is such a beautiful film.

What am I watching next?

As mentioned before, I need to watch the second season of Fargo. I must also watch the rest of Jessica Jones and get it finished! I am also interested in watching The Fundamentals of Caring, and Stranger Things (starring Winona Ryder who I LOVE).

Please comment what you like to watch on Netflix, and what you like to watch if you like any of my suggestions!

lots of love,







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