What Am I Packing?: Leeds Festival

So I’ve been wanting to go to Leeds Festival for a while, and luckily this year I’m able to! Yep, first EVER festival and it’s Leeds. I’m so excited to have a great time with great people, and also I’m gonna be seeing some of my favourite bands.

So I budgeted for £30 to get all my ‘essentials’ for Leeds. This does not include clothes, alcohol or food I’ll be taking. It mostly include toiletries and any little extras I think I might need.



Most of these items were purchased from PoundLand or Primark. I don’t know how much some items are but they are definitely cheap!

  • Pure Exfoliating wipes (2 packs for £1 at PoundLand) – These wipes will definitely be used for self cleaning since I can’t shower. These will be a life saver! I bought 4 packs.
  • 5 Toothbrushes (75p at Primark) – I will definitely need more than 1 incase clumsy (and very drunk/hungover) me drops it. I’ll be there for 3 days, so I’d rather pick up a clean toothbrush than just one I took with me that has been dropped on a muddy floor.
  • Colgate Total Toothpaste, Travel Size (Primark) – I don’t think I need to explain this one. Gotta keep your teeth and breath fresh!
  • 100 Fabric Assorted Plasters (£1 at Poundland) – For those days when your wellies are rubbing or you accidentally cut your finger on a drinks can. Anything could happen! Plasters are a must.
  • Sure Deodorant, Travel Size (Primark) – To keep your armpits as fresh as possible and so you’ll smell nice when feeling grotty on that 3rd day.
  • Jelly Beans & Peach Delight Hand Sanitizer (£1 at Primark) – There is gonna be lots of germs at your festival, especially in the horrible portaloos (cannot wait for those… not). So keep your hands fresh with hand sanitizer. With these cute flavours, your hands will smell cute too!
  • Dry Shower Body Wash (Primark) – I found this unexpectedly and it is honestly a life saver. It’s cucumber flavour and acts as a soap. Thank the Lord for this! It’s your shower replacement, basically!



  • Shine Bright Drinks Cup (£3 at Primark) – I thought it would be a good idea to take a big enough drinks cup to actually be able to mix my drinks, and feel a little more glamorous instead of drinking out of a beer can. This is quite large and comes with a cute pink straw.
  • 20 Pint Tumblers (£1 at Poundland) – Again, these are for if I’m sick of drinking out of a beer can. I’m sure 20 will be plenty!
  • Body Spray (90p at Primark) – For when you want to disguise your icky self and feel a little more fresh!
  • iPhone 5/6 wire (£1 at Poundland) – This is to go with a portable charger I need to buy and I plan on buying one from B&M. I don’t want to risk losing my existing iPhone wire, so I thought I’d buy a cheap one instead.
  • Compact Brush/Mirror (Primark) – This is handy for putting in your bag and doesn’t take up much space which is a bonus! The mirror is also a bonus since I’ll need something to help me put on my minimal make up I’m taking!

The only things missing from my list are dry shampoo, a portable charger and sun cream. & then I’m done for my essentials! If anybody else is going to a festival this year and found this helpful, please comment below. You can also let me know what other things I could take or if I have missed anything off my list.

Lots of love,


(Pictures edited on VSCO for iPhone)



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