My Favourite Places in Manchester: Recommendations

Manchester is my favourite city in the UK. It always has been ever since I visited it when I was 12 (and very much emo). A place that was recommended to me was Afflecks Palace because of the amazing shops there which reflected my weirdness. And they still do! From the culture to the bands that have came from Manchester over the years, it has never failed to impress me. I have also been fortunate enough to have a boyfriend who lives just outside Manchester so I visit often.  Here’s my list of my favourite places in Manchester which I will never stop loving.

  • Afflecks Palace (X) – If you like the weird and wonderful, this place is for you. The stairs are filled with posters which reminds me of my bedroom circa. 2009-2014 (RIP band posters). The shops are mostly independently owned and have their own atmosphere along with vintage recollection.
  • WeAreCow, Manchester (X) – This is my favourite shop in the entire world. Filled with vintage gems it is perfect for getting that vintage vibe you wanna add to your wardrobe.
  • Bobo Tea Kiosk (X) – A stall in Manchester Arndale, they do the best bubble teas for a reasonable price. You can even ask for it to be takeaway and they’ll give you a bag for your sealed bubble teas so you can take them home. So yummy and a must if you go to Manchester!
  • Factory FAC251 (Nightclub) (X) – I went here on my first ever night out and had an amazing time! The second floor is filled with indie/rock tunes and plays old classics from 80s/90s. You can even request your own tunes to play and they’ll do it for you. Best night ever! If you’re 18, or when you turn 18, you need to go here.
  • Cafe 3, Afflecks Palace (X) – On the 3rd floor on Afflecks Palace, there is Cafe 3. This is actually where they filmed Spike Island when the lads were waiting on Keith Teeth for their tickets which never arrived. They do hot and cold food/drinks, including amazing milkshakes. My personal favourite is Peanut Butter flavour. They are reasonably priced and you can eat/drink whilst watching the view of Northern Quarter below from the window.
  • Vinyl Exchange (X) – I have bought a couple of records from here. It has a downstairs section dedicated to vinyl and I love it. They even have rare and original presses which are a lot of money and I wish I could buy, but hey, it’s always good to look!

There’s my favourite places in Manchester. I hope you enjoyed this post and get to visit them! Comment below your favourite places or other cities you enjoy.

Lots of love,



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