Being Plus Size: Body Positivity

‘Plus Size’ is a phrase that I find very strange. I mean, what even is plus size anymore? A size Large in some shops is only a size 10-12. Which probably makes me XXL.

I am classed as ‘plus size’. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed to share my sizes with you either! I’m usually 14/16 in tops, and 16/18 in bottoms. I’m also very short, which makes me have bigger thighs and shins sadly! But hey, this is what I look like. So I have to work it the best I possibly can. I have never been a size 10 or anything smaller than a 12. I was a 12 when I was around 14/15 and then eating lots of food, going on food dates with my boyfriend, and just growing in general changed that. But I’m okay with it.

Most of my friends are really skinny or thin, and that’s amazing for them and they are beautiful ladies. And being plus size can be daunting against them. But this is how I am built personally. Never compare yourself to others, friends, people you see in public, etc. because you are YOU. There is nothing wrong with having to get sizes 10 times bigger than your friends. If you work that outfit, you work it.

Here are some tips to help you to stay body positive, and keep in mind that you are beautiful for those days you feel like a potato:

  • You are You: Yes, this is the case. Whether this is unfortunate for you or not, this is who you are. You are unique and being plus size is totally fine. Never look badly at yourself because of what size clothes you wear.
  • Diets are sometimes stupid: You might think that you want to lose a couple of jean sizes and that’s okay. But sometimes diets are stupid. You will not become skinny within a week, it’s not realistic. Diets can be cool if it makes you feel better in yourself. Never watch the scales!
  • If you need the size up, get it: Being plus sized, we can sometimes feel bad about having to buy those size 16 jeans. But in this store, size 16 doesn’t fit. So you need the size up. Don’t be afraid to wear clothes with the tag that has the size bigger than you are. Comfort is key! I own a pair of jeans from Primark that are size 20. It’s ridiculous, but they’re comfortable!
  • Chunky shoes are better (for me anyway): Shoes that have a chunky heel or sole make your legs look slimmer. Trust me!
  • Nice underwear makes everything better: If you ever feel like utter crap about your figure, buy nice underwear. If you don’t wanna destroy your bank account, visit Primark and get a really nice set. Put it on when you get home, and look at yourself in the mirror wearing it. You won’t regret it!
  • If you wanna eat the ‘naughty’ foods, eat them: Do you want those doughnuts? Or the dessert? Or the 20 chicken nuggets all to yourself? DO IT. Eat whatever the hell you want if it makes you feel better in that moment!

Being body positive when you’re plus size is sometimes really difficult. Comparing yourself to others and trying to find clothes that won’t make you look like a potato, I’m sure we’ve all been there. But learning to love yourself is the key. Learning that you look great in those jeans or that dress or anything you wear is important. So what, you fit in clothes that come from the curve section? You look amazing.

Don’t let ‘plus size’ be your label. Because you are you. As I’ve said millions of times in this post! You are beautiful and you can rock those curves.

I really hope you like this post whether you’re plus sized, or not. This post wasn’t meant to offend anyone that is or isn’t plus sized. I just wanted to shed some light on body positivity, which is something I have personally struggled with for a long time and am currently coming to terms with. I hope you see this.

Lots of love,




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