Life Update: I’m applying to University!

After a month of not posting anything, I’m back! It’s mostly been a wind down from Leeds Festival and other crazy stuff, but I’ll be posting as regular as possible again. This is gonna a quick life update about something pretty important, as you can tell from the title.

Yep, I’m applying to university. Pretty crazy, scary and exciting. When I left college in May, I was quite lost about what to do in life. I’m 18, which means technically I’m a small adult, yet I still feel about 5 years old and that my mum should hold my hand crossing the road. Life is scary and leaving college with no more structure to my day, I wondered what I should do. I did plan to go to university anyway but only when I’m completely sure about what subject to take, since that’s the subject I will be studying for 3-4 years. Therefore, I’m currently taking a gap year.

My subject at college was Health and Social Care, which I achieved D*DD at Level 3 (go me!) so really I needed something relating to the subject but also that allowed me to study it and matched the entry requirements. I literally had no idea. I already knew that I would like to apply to Manchester (either university, I didn’t care) so I had to find a subject there that would make my eyes widen and my mind boggle about the opportunities it could give me. Finally, I found a course that really made sense to me.

I have worked with children with learning difficulties before and I’ve loved every second of it. It makes sense that I get a degree doing something like that, so this course was perfect and the topics it covered were interesting. I made my choice. ‘Inclusive Education and Disability Studies’ – that’s my main subject. And I will do anything to succeed and get my place. I’m also applying for Health and Social Care at Staffordshire as it’s the local university. But it’s not really where I want to go. Manchester is my calling and I’m not a religious person but I’m praying I succeed (please pray with me!).

So far I have filled out all of my UCAS application and I’m waiting for my personal statement to be reviewed by staff at my college. Once that’s done and uploaded to UCAS, I can ask for a reference from a previous teacher, pay my application fees, and nervously wait for an offer or perhaps an interview if the course requires one. This is gonna be a life changing experience for me, meaning if I do get into Manchester, I can be closer to my boyfriend, make new friends, live independently, live in my favourite city, and just have new experiences and have fun.

Everything will fall into place somehow.

Lots of love,



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