ASOS Wishlist | Stuff I reaaaally want!

ASOS is a site that I am looking on constantly; I have the app on my phone, so looking through the ‘New In’ section is a really bad habit of mine considering I can’t afford anything until pay day (which I’m praying will come quickly!). They have a range of diverse styles for anyone to enjoy and their broad range of clothing and brands allows individuals to purchase from multiple websites packed into one. I’m especially thankful for its existence as it stops me from having to go back and forth through websites and I can keep everything I’m interested in on one list; this also saves me multiple shipping costs which is a bonus! This post is going to be an upsetting one for me, since I can’t afford these items yet, hence why they’re on my wishlist in the first place! Let’s begin the torture.

  • Skinnydip Moc Croc Zip Front Backpack £32.00 – This bag is soooo cute. I added it to my wishlist a couple of days ago and I love the style of the bag and the pattern. It’s a cute little essential I could see myself wearing when I just want something edgy that goes with everything, but can also fit what I need without my bag getting too crammed and packed with shit basically!
  • ASOS Smock Dress with Don’t Look Back Embroidery £28.00 – Weirdly, when I first saw this, I instantly thought ‘Oasis’. Oasis fans know what I mean! I just found it incredibly adorable and the embroidery makes it even better. I imagined it in the summer with some cute shoes and also in the winter under a warm jacket.
  • River Island Denim Leopard Fur Collar Jacket £60.00 – I love denim jackets and this one is a dream. With the added leopard print, you can’t go wrong! Simple yet stylish and cosy for the winter. I adore this jacket!
  • ASOS Suede Shopper Bag with Eyelet Detail£38.00 – This bag is perfect for my weekends away and is big enough to fit things like my make up and my extra bits and bobs I might be carrying. The eyelet details add a little more to the design and it matches any outfit you wear. Perfect!
  • Dr. Martens Adena II Mary Jane Flat Shoes£100.00 – These shoes. These bloody shoes. They’re so cute and an ultimate dream and I wish I could justify spending a hundred quid on shoes. Maybe one day! *giant sighs*
  • Pull&Bear Open Toe Zip Up Shoe£35.99 – I’ve been staring at these gems for a while and I think pay day may be calling for them to be bought. They’re good for winter and summer and can be worn with jeans which is what I like! They’re a little different which is exactly what I love in shoes, and not to mention chunky!
  • ASOS Coat in Chunky Faux Fur £75.00 – This is another gem that’s been staring me in the face. Despite the orangeness of the coat, I LOVE it. There is something about it that makes me imagine wearing it. The dream coat waits for me, and will continue waiting sadly!

Well, there you go. All of these items I have swooned over more than once and had my heart eyes well and truly fixated on them as I browse through my ever growing wishlist. Comment below or tell me what’s on your ASOS wishlist, or just your wishlist in general! I’d love to know.





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