My first tattoo | Experience and advice

It’s been a while, guys! I do apologise for being so busy over New Year and with work and everything else, I haven’t been able to make a blog post properly. However, I do have a couple lined up so all is good and hopefully I will be able to get back into the swing of things.

As the title suggests, I have a tattoo now! Biggest wimp in the entire world and I endured 2 hours of pain. This is coming from the girl who wouldn’t let her mum put her earrings back in after 6 weeks because it hurt.

I made an appointment at Dermal Puncture Emporium tattoo lounge (Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent) on the 21st December 2016 and was quickly booked in for the 12th January 2017. I went for a consultation beforehand to think up some ideas with the artist and I had no idea what I wanted at all! I just knew I wanted it based around “it’s just a spark, but it’s enough”, lyrics from a song called Last Hope by Paramore (who are my favourite band, by the way!). So, here’s what I ended up with:


I am so extremely chuffed with it and I’m so glad I let the artist draw me something as awesome as what I got! My tattoo took 2 hours to complete and I paid a £50 deposit on the day of my consultation. It cost £160 altogether and because I paid the deposit, I only paid £110 on the day of my tattoo. My artist was Rich Warburton (Instagram: @richwarburtontattooist) and he made me feel calm throughout the process and told me step by step what was happening.

Did it hurt and what does it feel like are probably questions you’re wondering if you don’t have a tattoo and want one. It hurts, but I tolerated it and I’m the biggest wuss in the world. It sort of feels like a cat scratch – nothing that can kill you or make you scream the place down, I promise! Just stay calm, don’t overreact and keep talking to keep you occupied whilst you’re having the tattoo. I think the worst part about doing the tattoo is wiping away the ink as after a while it can become quite sore.

My aftercare has been quite simple and I followed what the artist told me. No baths or soaking it in water for a long period of time and cut out activities such as swimming for 2 weeks. He recommended cocoa butter for the healing process and my tattoo has now scabbed up quite abit! I found the cocoa butter was getting stuck in between the cracks of my scabs so I took advice from some girls at work and moved to Bepanthen which has helped to sooth the tattoo much more and it has improved! I use Bepanthen twice a day (after I get home from work and before bed). Do not peck your scabs, it may be tempting and satisfying but it will ruin your tattoo and draw ink away from your skin. I have also been ensuring that if it does get wet in the shower that I dab it dry. If I decide to wash my tattoo to keep it clean, I use slightly warm water and just rinse it very lightly then dab dry again to ensure it’s clean and doesn’t get dirty throughout my day – I usually do this at the end of my day before I apply my second lot of Bepanthen, as it gets wet in the shower in the morning.

Main advice from this post:

  • If you want a tattoo, fucking do it. Don’t let your friends or anyone with really crappy ones put you off with horror stories.
  • Research your tattoo artist and make sure they are decent and have good reviews if there’s a Facebook page or Instagram you can stalk. If they have no reviews, their work will be displayed and that will speak volumes!
  • Don’t complain about the price if it’s a little steep, it’s usually because they’re actually a good artist.
  • If you’re nervous, take a friend with you and a drink to keep you calm and hydrated.
  • Listen to your artist about aftercare. It is important you follow it! However, googling other tattoo advice websites (preferably tattoo shops and tattoo enthusiast pages, etc.) and asking other people who are experienced can help too and give you guidelines as to whether you’re doing things correctly. If you’re unsure, contact your artist and double check. There’s no harm in this, better to be curious than not care at all!

Don’t worry about it, you’ll look amazing afterwards!



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