Valentines Day Special | Present ideas

This is dedicated to all those lovers out there, wanting to give their other half something special this Valentines Day. Or, if you don’t have another half and you want to give someone you like or love a kind gesture, that’s cool too! Some of the gifts can also apply to other occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Valentines is something that I love, but don’t care way too much about. It’s a small holiday where girls are ‘showered with gifts’ because let’s face it, they probably asked for it. This year, me and my boyfriend are spending £5-£10 on each other and either going for a lovely meal together or planning a full day out; we’re not too sure yet! But it’s the thought that counts. Spending time with him is all I treasure since we’re still long distance after over 3 long years. I’ll be honest, I have never received a bunch of flowers from my boyfriend. As much as I would love them, it’s the little things that matter when it comes to our relationship and we’re great as we are.

Here are some cute Valentines gift ideas that I’ve either thought of myself or found on other sites (they will be linked):

Love in a jar

This is sweet, simple and cheap to make personally. All you need is a jar, ribbon, love heart sequins (optional as they can be messy!) and paper. Cut your paper as small or big as you would like. On each piece, write something that you love or admire about your other half and fold it. Place each piece into the jar until it’s full. If you choose to add sequins, shove them in and shake it up to create a scattered look. The ribbon is just a cute add on to tie around the top of the jar. (LINK)

Date Night jar

Similar to the gift above, this one is a little different. Instead of papers saying why you love the person, buy some colour assorted lollipop sticks and write on date ideas. This way, you can pick out something fun to do if you want to treat yourself or go out together rather than thinking for hours. The idea was there all along! You could also colour code your dates into categories. Such as, price ranges, days out, places to eat, locations within your radius, etc. (LINK)

Chocolate box

This one is pretty obvious, but fill a box with treats that your other half will love just as much as you. You could add ribbon to make it a little more creative and add cute notes to each confection.

Baking your way to their heart

There are many recipes online that you could follow and they’re all pretty easy! Even cake-pops are an easy solution if you don’t think you can bake or feel it would be a little easier. Find a good easy recipe to follow and bake your little heart out. I’m sure it will warm theirs when they eat your loving goodness (even if it might be slightly burnt!). (LINK)

I hope this gave you some ideas on what to buy for your other half or just nice gestures you can make to let someone know you love them. If you have any other ideas or links you can share, leave them in the comments!



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