May Favourites 2017

May has been quite a good month for me. After turning 19 on the 23rd (even though it wasn’t the best birthday), I’ve been pretty excited about all the amazing things that I’ve purchased with my birthday, and personal, moneys. I thought I’d share with you all the amazing treats I’ve indulged in this month! You won’t regret reading this.


This month I treated myself to the Make Up Revolution Pro HD Amplified 35 Luxe palette (pictured left). It is stunning, and mirrors the shades of a Morphe palette but for a cheaper price! The colours are warm tones and kind of remind me of Autumn, but could also be used for summer and ‘going out’ looks. It is a great palette to experiment with. I bought it from Superdrug online for £15.00 which is an absolute bargain. When it arrived, one of the colours was shattered and my heart felt like it was shattering too. Girls, you know the feeling. After contacting customer service and speaking to one of their lovely team over the phone, they sent me a brand new undamaged palette for free with free next day delivery which I was chuffed about! I gifted the broken one to my sister. Definitely 10/10 for customer care, so thanks Superdrug!

As one of my birthday presents, my boyfriend bought me the NYX Perfect Filter palette in Rustic Antique (pictured right). The shades are orange/red hues and they’re extra sparkly. I’ve used it everyday since and the colours are gorgeous. This was only £16.00 and it’s amazing. It reminded me of a cheaper version of the Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverley Hills, but it’s still just as good quality which is what I love about NYX.


After seeing this amazing tote bag for just £3.99 in H&M, I had to have it. ‘In Girls We Trust‘ is such a great slogan and it’s a bag you would say is made for me. As a feminist, I would love to see someone with this bag so I thought I’d take one for the team. It’s black and each word is coloured differently with a funky font which I thought was cute and bubbly. It’s a great bag to just shove your stuff in and away you go!


I had to add something about my favourite band in this post somewhere. Yes guys, Paramore ARE BACK. And I’m lucky enough to have tickets to their Manchester show which apparently sold out in no time at all. Phew for having great friends with priority! Their 5th album, After Laughter, really relates to struggles that I have been going through or am currently going through, but with a twist. The new style they’ve released is definitely my kind of style. I feel as though I have grown with them and their taste; it makes me so happy that my favourite band is right there with me. Some of the songs may be a tad depressing, but they express it in a way that just makes you want to dance and cry at the same time without feeling bad about it. After Laughter is my saviour right now and as always, so is Paramore. As a tribute to them and inspired by their new single ‘Hard Times’ (if you’ve seen the music video, you’ll understand), I bought these beyond amazing black rimmed sunglasses for £12.00 from ASOS. Unfortunately, they don’t sell them anymore but you can get similar ones from here.


I treated myself to some really cute things with my birthday money, but I LOVE my new trainers. I never thought of buying myself a pair of Reebok Classics; I used to think they were ugly and really not my style. After trying these on in Schuh, I fell in love. They’re lilac which is something different than my usual black shoes I go for time and time again. I’ve had them on my feet ever since and they’re so comfy. I definitely do not regret buying them!

Another treat I bought myself were some enamel pins from Punky Pins. I’ve bought pins from there before in a seconds sale where they sell ‘damaged’ or ‘imperfect’ pins for cheaper than their usual prices. However, they arrived perfect and I saw no fault. This time, I was lured in by an email saying 20% off and free delivery for bank holiday. How can a girl say no!? I literally can’t stress enough about how much I love the pins I’ve bought. They’re good quality and only cost me about £20.00 for 4 stunning pins that mirror my personality perfectly. It really is worth signing up to their newsletter for amazing offers. They also sell stickers and patches which are also really cute. I bought Girls, Festival Ghost, Feminist and Proud & Girls Can.


Some of you may already know this if you’ve read my blog before, but I applied to university before Christmas and I got in at Manchester Metropolitan University. I’ll be moving in September which means I need lots of cool stuff for my first EVER own room! I currently share with a 13 year old and it’s not great. I’ve been going to Primark for a lot of my room essentials and saw these beauties in the left side picture. The rustic type lamp with a rose gold base and a black geometric shell was only £5.00 and is gorgeous for my desk. The pillow was £3.00 instead of £7.00 in the reduced section and will go amazing with my bedding, and the cactus framed 10×10 picture will go perfectly with the aesthetic of my room for just £2.00 instead of £4.00. Always look for the reductions section as you’ll find some winners.

My new bee tattoo is something that I will hold close to my heart. I decided to donate and contribute £50.00 to the Manchester Tattoo Appeal dedicated to helping families and victims of the Manchester attacks which happened on the 22nd May 2017 at an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena. It saddens me that the world has come to such a horrible place and there are people willing to hurt others in order to express their belief system. The Manchester bee is a symbol of not only remembrance for those who have suffered during these hard times, but unity and courage of those standing together to support eachother through this. Manchester is a city I have loved since I was 12 so to have the bee on my body for life is a privilege, and I feel so happy that I have contributed to an amazing cause whilst doing it.

Thank you so much for reading my post. All products are linked if you would like to check them out or buy them yourself! Have a wonderful day.



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