The Affordable Wardrobe | Giveaway Review

The Affordable Wardrobe is an independent business ran through Facebook and Instagram, selling bespoke personalised products chosen by the customer and created with love. Since following them, I’ve always seen success and good reviews throughout their product sales and the product results have been stunning. Prices are reasonable and the items are well worth what they are sold for.

After seeing a giveaway the other day after their goal of 500 followers being reached, I was lucky enough to receive a tag on Instagram from their page saying that I’d won their giveaway. Safe to say, I was so excited!


I won a glittered glass, as pictured, and it’s perfect to fit pens for a glamorous stationary storage space, or somewhere to keep your make up brushes. I think I will definitely use it for stationary when I go to uni as something to add sparkle to my desk. You can choose from a variety of glitters when you order, so I chose holographic black; something that echos my personality but adds colour aswell. The glittered glass was delivered the next day by hand and came in a pink/white sweetie bag with a sticker that said ‘lots of love, The Affordable Wardrobe’, which I thought added a personal touch.


It was really well finished and I was so impressed. When I think glittery, I think glitter going everywhere and taking forever to clean. And not to mention finding glitter in the weirdest of places! However, the glitter was nowhere to be seen anywhere other than on the glass. It didn’t come off, despite being freshly made and it stuck nicely to the glass.

The Affordable Wardrobe sell bespoke personalised items including wine glasses, glitter glasses, mugs, sweetie jars, and even body glitter (which looks amazing, by the way). Their range is forever extensive and I always see new products being added to their range of items.


They are based in Stoke-on-Trent but can deliver for a small charge of postage and packaging. You can find their on Instagram (@afford_me) or on Facebook ( Please check them out and say I sent you if you decide to buy something lovely. Treat yourself!



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