The Affordable Wardrobe | Giveaway Review

The Affordable Wardrobe is an independent business ran through Facebook and Instagram, selling bespoke personalised products chosen by the customer and created with love. Since following them, I’ve always seen success and good reviews throughout their product sales and the product results have been stunning. Prices are reasonable and the items are well worth what… Continue reading The Affordable Wardrobe | Giveaway Review

My top 100 songs list: I hope you all agree with me!

My music taste fluctuates all the time and I love so many songs and artists. Choosing 100 songs is hard, considering my favourites playlist on my iPod has over 400 on it. I just hope my readers will think that there is some tunes on here (but literally, if you haven’t heard some of these… Continue reading My top 100 songs list: I hope you all agree with me!

Self Discovery | Mini Rant (I guess!)

Questioning yourself is something that is very normal. I’ve done it for years, which is why I decided to make this post. I’ve gone through so many phases of style, likes, dislikes, friendship groups, etc. And I’ve never really ‘fit in’ anywhere. I don’t have a group of friends; I have multiple individual friends who… Continue reading Self Discovery | Mini Rant (I guess!)